Cathy Harrison

Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Haemophilia and other Haemostasis Disorders  

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust  

Cathy has worked in the Sheffield Haemophilia & Thrombosis Centre since 2006. She is an adult nurse with a keen interest in the science of haemostasis, enjoying her clinical role and teaching both locally and on the Contemporary Care Course for people with bleeding disorders.  Cathy is the Vice Chair of the World Federation of Haemophilia Nurses Committee. She is an advocate for the specialist nurses role in long term conditions and has particular interests in ageing, transition, women, education, research and service development.  

When she’s not at work Cathy is mum to 2 kids, wife to a very supportive husband and a long suffering Sheffield Wednesday supporter, who loves nothing more than a loud rock song and a dance in the kitchen whilst cooking.