Amy Owen-Wyard


I am a registered mental health nurse and a parent of a child who has a rare bleeding disorder. Having a child with Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia means I am aware first-hand of the impact that having a bleeding disorder has on the individual and their families. 

I regularly advocate for my child and other families that have bleeding disorders. I raise awareness of bleeding disorders, in particular GT, and push the boundaries of the healthcare professionals involved in their care. As a result, we are the first family to have others outside of our household trained in delivering medication to our son. 

 As a mental health nurse, I can also see that there is a huge gap in services in supporting those with bleeding disorders and their mental wellbeing. This is something that I regularly advocate for and push for an introduction of in services that support families.  

 Having recently attended a Haemophilia Society event, I realised how much more knowledge and support is needed in raising awareness of bleeding disorders.  In my role as a trustee, I will continue to support people and families with bleeding disorders in getting their voices heard and getting the support they need.