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Whether you or someone in your family has been recently diagnosed, you have been living with a bleeding disorder for many years, or you simply want to find out more, our range of publications offers reliable information for you and your family.

Written by clinical specialists and reviewed by health professionals and people affected by bleeding disorders, all our publications are free and delivered throughout the UK.

Download PDF versions or view our publications below:

Ageing with a bleeding disorder – social care and support

Understanding Haemophilia

Bleeding Disorders and School

Understanding Von Willebrand Disease

Dental care for adults with a bleeding disorder

Sex and bleeding disorders – this booklet focuses on sexual health and wellbeing for young adults.

Rare bleeding disorders

Factsheets to accompany Rare bleeding disorders booklet:

Bernard-Soulier syndrome
Factor 2 deficiency
Fibrinogen (factor 1) deficiency
F5F8 deficiency
Combined II, VII, IX and X deficiency
Factor V deficiency
Factor VII deficiency
Factor X deficiency
Factor XI deficiency
Factor XIII deficiency
Glanzmann Thrombasthenia

Coming this year:
Females and bleeding disorders
Gene therapy