Fair Financial Support For All Campaign

Compensation has never been paid to any British victim of the contaminated blood scandal, because no government has ever admitted liability for what happened.

Those infected receive support payments through four infected blood schemes across the UK. Each scheme has its own set of rules and different payment amounts.

The Haemophilia Society, along with others, is campaigning for financial dignity and fairness across all four UK infected blood support schemes.

At present each home nation has its own payment system which means people infected as a result of contaminated blood products are receiving different support payments, depending on whether they live in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. These payments can vary by thousands of pounds a year.

There are also different payments for widows and bereaved partners across the UK which we believe this must be levelled up to properly support those left behind.

Some groups, such as bereaved parents and children, have never received any financial support and we call for them to be included in the scheme.

The four UK infected blood schemes replace the five previous organisations – Skipton, Caxton, Macfarlane, Eileen and MFET – which previously offered financial support to different groups infected and affected by contaminated blood.

You can find a comparison of infected blood payments across the UK here. Please note that in August 2020 it was announced that Northern Ireland’s payments would be uplifted to the same level of those made in England.