Thousands of documents submitted to Infected Blood Inquiry

Written by Aaron Dennis, February 12, 2019

The Haemophilia Society has submitted approximately 30,000 scanned documents to the Infected Blood Inquiry, in compliance with its request for archive evidence.

The Inquiry team yesterday confirmed The Society has provided all the documentation that has been requested.  It will now be reviewed by the Inquiry team and assessed for its relevance.

Evidence submitted yesterday dates back to 1949 and covers more than six decades of archive records.  The Society made clear its intention to fully comply with its legal obligations to the Inquiry and is delighted to have honoured this pledge. 

The Haemophilia Society has campaigned for the truth about the contaminated blood scandal to be exposed for more than 30 years. We accept that our organisation, like many others, must be subjected to scrutiny if the Infected Blood Inquiry’s investigation is to be thorough and effective.

The Society is still considering its position on legal privilege in relation to a small number of documents and hopes to make a final decision on this matter shortly.

Our members and the wider haemophilia community can be assured that we continue to be at the forefront of the campaign to ensure that this long overdue public inquiry finally gives the victims of the contaminated blood scandal the truth and justice that they deserve.