Access to Physiotherapy

The Haemophilia Society is calling for action to ensure everyone gets the physiotherapy they need!

Specialist haemophilia physiotherapy supports rehabilitation following an injury or acute bleed. It also allows lifestyle changes, encourages early and safe adoption of activities and sports which can in turn reduce the risk of injury, pain, and minimise joint damage.

However, the responsibility to provide physiotherapy is not being met in a significant number of centres across the UK with inadequate physio identified in 59% of centres reviewed in the 2020 QRS Peer Review of haemophilia centres.

All people with bleeding disorders, no matter where they are in the UK, should have access to a physiotherapy service which can provide:

  • Specialist physiotherapists registered with the Haemophilia Chartered Physiotherapists Association (HCPA), with experience in musculoskeletal care and who work in the haemophilia team
  • Chronic referrals within two weeks and review of acute conditions within 24 hours where practicable
  • Dedicated hours to provide continuing care to people with bleeding disorders registered at their haemophilia centre including an annual assessment of the Haemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS)

What should you do to access specialist haemophilia physiotherapy services?

  • Firstly, ask at your centre or at your next clinic appointment
  • You could also try contacting the physiotherapy service at your local NHS Trust
  • But if that fails get in touch with the Haemophilia Society

Working with the Haemophilia Chartered Physiotherapists Association (HCPA) we have published a guide for people living with a bleeding on getting the physiotherapy they need.

The references for this work are available here.