Become a partner

Bleeding disorders are rare, and many people will never encounter The Haemophilia Society.  Our members are a highly engaged community of men, women and children with bleeding disorders, their families, and specialist healthcare professionals.  

One in 2,000 people of all ages have a diagnosed bleeding disorder in the UK. Our services touch all these people, giving our partners access to this niche group of individuals.  

Reasons to Work with Us 

Small community, big difference – genetic bleeding disorders are rare, and can be life-limiting, but our community is strong, close-knit, and together for life. Not only will you be a part of this community, but you will be in its midst to see the difference your support makes. 
Make a difference – not only will you be making a difference to our community, but you will also be boosting your staff morale and brand profile by showing your support for people with bleeding disorders.  You will also be promoting team building through fundraising activities and improving your inclusion policies. 

Support Matters – we are here to raise awareness of genetic bleeding disorders, support and empower those who are affected, and ensure that they have equality of opportunity to live their lives to the fullest.  But we cannot do that alone. With your help, we can continue to make strides to help people living with bleeding disorders.     

What you can expect from us 

Volunteer opportunities – a chance for your employees to get involved in some of our programmes and member events for the benefit of the bleeding disorders community. We also have opportunities for skills-sharing, pro bono projects and secondments.  
Access to a unique community – our members are highly engaged men, women and children across all ages, ethnicities and walks of life. With five live member events and four fundraising events each year, as well as online resources, virtual events and an active social media following, you can easily boost your brand reach. 
Hands on support – our dedicated team is available to you, whether you are looking to host a fundraiser, support one of our member events, or engage your staff and internal stakeholders in making a difference. We have all the support and resources to help make our partnership a success.  

Ways You Can Support Us 

Cause-Related Partnership – with our shared objectives, we can work together to raise funds for our vital programmes and services, as well as boosting employee engagement and brand perception through association with our charity. 

Strategic Partnership – based on our shared values, we will work together to build a bespoke, long-term partnership that is right for both of us and will deliver real change and the greatest impact for our organisations and the community we support. 

Charity of the Year – we will work with you to develop a calendar of activities and events, volunteering, fundraising, and skills sharing opportunities, while providing you with all the materials you need to engage your staff and stakeholders. 

Sponsorship – we have a calendar of events that range from flagship fundraisers such as our Bridge Walk, to member conferences like Talking Red.  Each event is unique and has a range of sponsorship opportunities, that will give you the opportunity to get your brand in front of a new audience. 

Payroll-Giving – we can help your organisation set-up a pay as you earn programme whereby employees can donate directly from their gross pay, meaning that everyone will have a little extra each month from the tax saved, all while supporting a great cause.  

For more information, please contact [email protected]