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We’re a group of people connected through our life experiences; a community that makes each other feel stronger every day. Membership is completely free and everyone affected by a bleeding disorder is welcome. People living with one, their friends and family, healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses.

We offer support through local groups across the UK, free membership events for people at all stages of life, and a vibrant online community, where people affected by bleeding disorders can find friendship, a listening ear, information, and share their views and experiences. Expert, in-depth resources and news updates keep members informed and help equip them with knowledge and confidence.

Together with its members, the Society has also campaigned on behalf of people affected by bleeding disorders for over 70 years, continuously lobbying Government, the NHS and clinicians for the best possible care, safe and effective treatment, and equitable access for all.

There are over 5,000 members of the Haemophilia Society, including people and families living with bleeding disorders, as well as healthcare professionals. The charity’s supporters help fundraise the costs that are vitally needed to be able to offer membership – and services such as events and printed publications – entirely free to all members.

More than 36,000 men, women and children in the UK have a diagnosed bleeding disorder, and this number rises every year.

What we do:

Support each other
We understand each other. We offer advice and support from personal experience. Our growing community is there for each other because we’re in it together.

Raise awareness
We rally together because every little thing we do makes a difference and gives hope to people living with a bleeding disorder.

Make a lasting difference
We influence and advocate on what matters to our community. Health and social care policy, access to treatment and much more.

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