Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is an effortless, secure, and tax-free way to support a great cause directly through your pay cheque.  

Costs less to give more 

Your regular gift is deducted from your gross pay – meaning that you’ll still have a little extra in your pay cheque from the tax you saved. 

  • £10 donation: you pay £8, the taxman pays £2 
  • £12 donation: you pay £9.60, the taxman pays £2.40 
  • £15 donation: you pay £12, the taxman pays £3 

How can I sign-up? 

Setting-up Payroll Giving is easy.  All you need is your National Insurance number.  Just check with your HR department that your employer offers Payroll Giving and they will do the rest.  

Alternatively, if your employer does not currently offer Payroll Giving, please consider setting up a monthly gift.