Become A Major Donor

We are very grateful for every donation that we receive, big or small. By becoming a major donor, you can have an even bigger impact on the lives of people with bleeding disorders. 

What is a Major Donor? 

We define a Major Donor as anyone who gives us £1,000 or more in support. Our goal is to form long-lasting relationships with our major supporters. And from now on, as a Major Donor, you will have a dedicated contact at The Haemophilia Society who will keep you updated on how your gift makes a difference to the bleeding disorders community. 

How your gift can help? 

£1,000 could cover the cost for 40 women with a bleeding disorder to attend our Talking Red Conference, where they can learn more about their disorder and how to manage it and empowers them to get the treatment and care that they need 

£2,000 could send 5 children with bleeding disorders to attend our annual Youth Camp, which is a safe place for them to meet their peers and take part in fitness and sporting activities, sometimes for the first time.   

£5,000 could pay for 5 families to attend our Newly Diagnosed Weekend, which provides practical and emotional support for parents, and whole families, of children who have recently been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. 

Thinking about making a major gift? 

Contact [email protected] to discuss what you are interested in supporting, or just to stay in touch.