Fundraise at School

You’re never too young to take part in some fun activities and make a big difference while you are doing it. Whether you’re dressing down or dressing up, having a bake or book sale or a sports day, there are lots of ways for your school to get involved. 

Once you have chosen your fundraiser, get in touch with our team at [email protected] 
They’ll support you every step of the way, from sending you the necessary marketing materials to helping you pay for your fundraising. 

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Not sure what you want to do, but you know you want to do something?  Our fundraising team is here to help you along the way!   

A-Z of Fundraising Ideas 

Art Competition – have a competition between classes or invite parents to an art show. 

Book Sale – encourage students to bring in reading books that they no longer read and sell them for £1. 

Christmas Ornaments – have your students make and sell their own Christmas ornaments. 

Dance Off – transform a classroom into a school disco and charge for tickets. 

Egg & Spoon Race – have some good old-fashioned fun and ask participants to pay £1 per play. 

Football match – have a good old five-a-side tournament with your classes and ask parents to sponsor. 

Guess How Many – Fill a jar with sweets and ask for £1 per guess of how many are in there. 

Hula Hoop Challenge – see which student or class can hula the longest.  

International Food Day – travel the world while staying local – each student can bring a dish. 

Jump Rope Marathon – students can collect sponsorship to see how long they can jump rope for. 

Kids Quiz – have a student-friendly version of a quiz night. 

Lego Competition – who can build the biggest and best with the little bricks. 

Music Concert – host a concert for parents with your school’s budding musicians. 

Non-Uniform Day – why not pay a pound to dress down? 

Obstacle Course – turn your school’s gymnasium or playground into Total Wipeout.  

Playing Field Olympics – host everything from cross-country to sprinting. 

Quiet Time – hold a sponsored silence and see how long the class can last. 

Readathon – encourage students to read for pleasure and raise money for a good cause.  

Sports Day – have a sponsored sports day and have classes compete for first place. 

Talent Show – let students showcase their talents to their classmates and parents. 

Uniform Day – encourage students to dress up as they want to be when they grow up. 

Valentine’s Day Celebrations – sell candygrams at school so students can wish their friends a good day. 

Wear It Red! – get your students to show their support and raise funds for THS! 

X-Marks the Spot – host a scavenger hunt in the classroom or on the school grounds.  

Yoga – turn the gymnasium into a yoga class for kids.  

Zzzzz – Hold a sponsored sleepover at school.