Interim compensation update

  • 20 Jul 22 - 20 Jul 22 at 6:30pm to 7:30pm
  • Online
  • Free

We are holding a meeting tomorrow, 20 July at 6.30pm to discuss the Haemophilia Society’s response to the issue of an interim compensation payment. 

On Friday, Sir Brian Langstaff, Chair of the Infected Blood Inquiry, announced he is considering making a recommendation to the government that interim compensation should be paid before the inquiry ends.

Sir Brian asked core participants, which includes the Haemophilia Society, to respond with their views on the scope of such a payment and whether it should be made at all. 

We welcome this development and are strongly in favour of an interim compensation payment being made. We have published our provisional response to Sir Brian and would like to give our members the opportunity to discuss this issue with Kate Burt, our chief executive and Clive Smith, our chair before the submission is made. 

We apologise for the short notice of the meeting. Sir Brian gave a very tight deadline for responses and we are keen to consult with our members as much as we can in the limited time available. 

Our provisional response is here.

Meeting ID: 849 9183 4694 
Passcode: 689680s