Take part in survey about your experiences of the COVID-19 vaccine

Written by Aaron Dennis, February 5, 2021

The haemophilia team at Bristol have designed a short questionnaire (with input from some local patients) which aims to find out how people with bleeding disorders are managing the COVID-19 vaccination.

Some patients registered at their centre have expressed concern and anxiety with regards to the potential risks of bleeding complications in relation to the vaccination, so they would like to gauge how patients are managing and if they have required much in terms of extra prophylactic support or any additional input from healthcare professionals after receiving the vaccination.

It is expected that patients will have no or very minimal complications and so they hope to be able to provide assurances to patients with bleeding disorders who are yet to have the vaccine and may be reticent to accept it.

You can take part in the survey using this link – Bleeding disorders and COVID-19 vaccination

For the latest information and guidance about the COVID-19 vaccination, please see our dedicated frequently asked questions page.