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Real Stories

Read about the real-life experiences of women living with bleeding disorders below:

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Maryam’s story

Maryam's story I’m a 37-year-old woman from the Muslim Pakistani community in the West Midlands.…
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Laina’s story

  Growing up with von Willebrand Disease in a small town, Laina, 20, knew almost…
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Robyn’s story

Robyn's story I have type 3 Von Willebrands, I was diagnosed at about 3 years…
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Bonnie’s story

Bonnie's story I have severe haemophilia A and was diagnosed at 6 months old. My…
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Linda’s story

Haemophilia Society member, Linda turned 65 on the same day as us! Here, Linda, who…
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Debra’s story

"Women Bleed Too was the original Women’s Project of the UK Haemophilia Society. Karen Pappenheim…
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Keeley’s story

When Keeley was a child she haemorrhaged after a small dental operation and has bruised…
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Hayley’s story

From the age of three Hayley suffered prolonged and regular nosebleeds, but, despite many trips…
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Janet’s story

Despite experiencing very heavy periods, the trigger point for diagnosing Janet’s bleeding disorder was when…
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Vicky’s story

Vicky is one of only a handful of women in the country who is a…
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Macey’s story

Macey spends up to a fifth of her income on coping with her heavy periods…
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