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Women’s awareness

Women’s Awareness

When it comes to haemophilia, patients are predominantly male with women being carriers of the disorder. However, there are women diagnosed with mild haemophilia and there are also symptomatic carriers. A vast proportion of our membership are people with von Willebrands disease, many of them women. Talking Red is our flagship programme raising much-needed awareness of bleeding disorders among the female community.

Talking Red

The Haemophilia Society UK’s campaign to get women talking about bleeding disorders

A bleeding disorder is a serious lifelong condition often requiring daily treatment and specialist care. There is a lot of misunderstanding about bleeding disorders and many people don’t know that women are affected too. In fact, tens of thousands of women across the UK are living with the symptoms of a bleeding disorder without even knowing it.

The Talking Red campaign was launched to make women more aware of the symptoms of a bleeding disorder – heavy periods, bruising easily and prolonged bleeding after a procedure or childbirth – and to promote better understanding of what it means to live with such a condition.

Bleeding disorders can’t be cured but there is effective treatment available, so our message is get Talking Red to help the thousands of women who are suffering in silence. We need your ongoing support to reach the tens of thousands of women unaware they have a bleeding disorder. We are now in the fourth year of Talking Red, and thanks to the fantastic support of women across the country we have spread the message right across the UK, but we have lots more to do. This year Talking Red is going to be bigger and better so please join us.

Get involved

Women with Bleeding Disorders & Carriers’ Conference | Birmingham

Sat 23 June 2018

If you are a woman with a bleeding disorder, a carrier or their partner then this conference is for you! There’s a line-up of excellent speakers on topics including:

  • Relationships including a session for male partners
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood

We hope it will be a great networking opportunity for our community of women and girls with bleeding disorders. If you would like to attend, please sign up via the event page

It’s not too late to get involved in Talking Red 2018 and help us raise awareness of bleeding disorders in women. You can even download some of the Talking Red materials to use at your event.

We’d love you to host your own event with your friends, either Paint it RED, Bake it RED or another Talking Red inspired event to help spread the message about bleeding disorders in women. You can request your campaign pack here.

If you use social media please spread the word to all your friends and family by using #TalkingRed, you can also download our selfie message and Facebook banner. Or you could help by putting up posters and sharing our Talking Red leaflet with friends, colleagues etc. You will find all the materials you need on the downloads page or feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for getting involved, and don’t forget to text TRUK18 £3 to 70070

Find out more about the campaign by clicking on the pages below: