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Celebrity support

Celebrity support

Emilia Fox

“Talking Red encourages women to be able to talk about a bleeding disorder that might be worrying them. The campaign urges us to do something about it whether that’s holding an event during the awareness week or being open to talk about symptoms such as bruising easily with friends or professionals. Just one action could help reach someone currently suffering in silence because they think their symptoms are normal. The Haemophilia Society is a small charity so really needs the support to get the message out there. I will be Talking Red this June. I hope others can too.”


Carol Smilie

“I’ve met so many incredibly strong and supportive women since starting our business DiaryDoll. We rely on them to spread the word and share the secret about wearing our pants as back up for periods and pelvic floor weakness.. So come on girls, I know you’ll all get behind #TalkingRed by painting your nails, adding a slick of red lippy, or even donning those red heels to raise awareness of bleeding disorders of all kinds, not just periods. Red, it seems, is the new Black!”





Gok Wan

“We need everyone to get Talking Red to make some noise about bleeding disorders in women. You can Paint it Red, be bold and go for Red Knickers Night or just have some mates round for a coffee (or cocktail!). You’ll have some laughs and feel fabulous knowing you are helping other women. Too many women are suffering in silence, so come on girls, get involved!”