Career Choices

Choosing a career

Today, with preventative treatment now the norm, the vast majority of occupations are now open to our members as you navigate the world of work.

Yet having a medical condition brings risks, and it’s important to think carefully about how your bleeding disorder may affect your chosen career, and vice-versa – not just now, but in the years to come.

Our parents and grandparents would routinely conceal their medical condition for fear they’d lose their job.

While we still hear stories of discrimination and prejudice due to misconceptions, lack of awareness or poor HR employment practices, things are getting better.

Employer attitudes and workplace cultures are gradually becoming more flexible, supported by changes in employment law in recent decades. The future looks bright.

Depending on the severity of your condition and how it affects your day to day life, there may be barriers to pursuing certain career paths, particularly for ‘public service’ roles such as the armed forces or emergency services.

With a flexible approach and some lateral thinking, most people can find a fulfilling job, trade or profession.

We can help you and your family deal with work-related issues, with information and support.

We’re working with our members to identify the support you need as you leave school and college, and we share stories and updates from members in different sectors, roles, trades and professions.

‘Instead of looking at your career choice through the lens of your bleeding disorder, choose what gives you the most joy, then set about finding a way to make your bleeding disorder a non-issue. Don’t let your condition run your life.’

Read more about career options and the experiences of other members [PDF]