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Support and information

Use this section to find advice, support and information. Our public inquiry team are always happy to help with any questions about the inquiry.

Infected Blood Support Schemes in the UK

There are four infected blood support schemes across the UK which cover Wales, England, Scotland…
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The Society's public inquiry team

Our public inquiry team is here to support you, our members. The Infected Blood Inquiry…
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Psychological support

The Infected Blood Inquiry has brought back traumatic memories for many people, which can be…
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Remembering those who died

Every year we remember those who died as a result of treatment using contaminated blood…
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How to get your medical records

Many members have told us they are having difficulties in obtaining their medical records.  The…
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How to submit evidence to the inquiry

Everyone infected and affected by the contaminated blood scandal has an important story to tell.  …
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Quick links

You can find links to charities and organisations offering financial, psychological and practical support here.…
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Following the Infected Blood Inquiry

There are lots of ways to keep up to date with the Infected Blood Inquiry…
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