Blog update from our Summer Camp 2017

Written by Daniel Barnes, August 10, 2017

As part of our amazing Summer Camp, our young intrepid campers are trying to blog and send photos to let us about what they are doing each day.

The week begins

The week begins with groups 1,2,3,4, 5 by the end of day two we will have superhero group titles and there’s no shortage of suggestions.

A fine choice of rolls included jam and cheese but not together.

Team building definitely underway. Commencing with the balance on a log and don’t step off, then getting a bit more challenging we had to move into order of age without getting off, just when we thought success we changed to the order of month born but communicate with “No Talking”. What a fab effort turned out we only needed santa and we had someone for every month on our team.

Our listening and balancing skills primed and ready to go and it was walk the plank, move the plank and don’t let go of the rope holding the balance beam or we need a volunteer to walk the tight rope again. Tarzan eat your heart out we had it sussed. Ten little people balanced on a tiny slab and a not so little person incoming prompted a reshuffle before mission accomplished.

Survival skills encouraged our primitive instincts, and pretty soon our outdoor shelters had a doorway and a flag pole with seats and interior fitted fireplace (pretend) and our cotton wool went up in smoke. Not as easy as it sounds it’s not just Sticks(fuel) comes in all sizes kindling, sticks and logs, standing and hanging deadwood (Hawthawn), Silver Birch) and a group of bright sparks with unrivalled determination, perseverance and a flint equals some tasty warm marshmallows.

We’re pleased we didn’t have to rely on our shelters to keep us dry from Wednesdays rain but perhaps putting both together would have worked. The dormitories are much more comfy and cosy than our shelters but some not as tidy.

Day 2

Day two soggy start.

Team Raven Claw are raising to the challenge quite literally with the high ropes. A raid on the waterproof store and hats and harnesses off to the heights we go.

Don’t have the statistics for how high or a unit of measure for the aptitude and determination of our inspirational young people but it is definitely top of every scale. Not content with a high flying trapeze we had upside down swings, and butterfly imitations at super heights. Milk crate towers 12 high with pirouetting triples took our breath away. Group hug at that “A boy really comforted me and gave me courage”

Personal challenges for doing own medication achieved: the sticker wars are underway and there’s plenty competition.

Next updates will come through when they have a WiFi signal….

Here are some pictures: