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Baroness Meacher


‘Given the vital support The Haemophilia Society provides to so many people affected by bleeding disorders around the UK, it was a great compliment to be appointed President of the Society in March 2013.

‘I’m pleased to have been involved in the APPG, working closely with the Society to ensure that members affected by the contaminated blood tragedy receive the recognition and justice they deserve.

‘My work in the NHS reminds me daily of the challenges of living with a long-term condition and how it affects the whole family, both physically and mentally. I am, therefore, delighted to see the Society successfully shaping new services tailored to every stage of members’ lives, supporting people and families from birth to old age, right across the UK.
‘The way that bleeding disorders are diagnosed and treated has changed so much over the last 65 years. But the needs which led a small group to establish the Society almost a lifetime ago – to bring people together, provide information and support and reduce the anxiety and isolation so many people face – continue to be vital to over 30,000 people, all over the UK. Meeting these needs is at the heart of the support we now provide.

‘I’m honoured to be a part of such a wonderful organisation.’