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Alexander Taylor-Rose

My name is Alexander Taylor-Rose, but people call me Alex or ATR, I am 23 years old with Haemophilia A. I have a twin brother and a younger brother who is 21, with my identical twin (Josh) also having Haemophilia A. I am your average guy, who has a love for all sports as well as being a passionate football fan, supporting Chelsea.

I am attending the University of Southampton, studying Business Management, where I also play Water polo and Football. I became very interested in being a Youth Ambassador through the Lads and Dads event I attended in February with the society.

Here, I met a lot of other people with haemophilia. I had never had this much involvement with any other people with haemophilia (other than my twin brother of course). I met Matty on this weekend who is currently a Youth Ambassador. After talking to him over the weekend about his role and what he did I soon became keen and decided I wanted to get involved and become a Youth Ambassador too.