Sponsored Knit for Uganda

Written by Daniel Barnes, May 6, 2020

Four years ago Dr Kate Khair went to visit a family in a remote rural part of Uganda. They had a daughter and four sons with a severe haemophilia and their mum was pregnant with another child. They lived six hours drive from the next big town in a ‘village’ of three houses made out of mud bricks. They had no electricity or water and the nearest source of water was over a mile away.

Getting water was difficult because all boys struggled with damaged joints due to the internal bleeds and they didn’t have access to any treatment. Kate suggested rolling a blanket and putting it under their joints to offer support for their joints. They showed her around their house and she quickly realised they didn’t even have beds, let alone blankets.

The family had two more children since, now they have five boys, all with a severe haemophilia and two girls. While a lot of people think that blankets aren’t needed in Africa because it’s such a hot continent, it does get very cold in the night.

A Sponsored Knit for Africa would benefit families in the poorest rural parts of Uganda. Blankets will be used for warmth in the cold nights as well as for a support for their joints. Having no treatment and sleeping on the floor damages their joints, which is only made worse by them having to walk long distances to get water for their families. This is a great way to fundraise for The Haemophilia Society and help us in this time of uncertainly with the global pandemic, while also helping others with haemophilia in Africa who are experiencing even more challenges than we do.

It is also a great way to pass the time during a national lockdown and learn a new skill. Knitting is not that popular in the modern days and this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together with your family and friends, share your knitting tricks and maybe even add a touch of competitiveness who can knit faster.

We are collecting 12 inch squares, any colour or pattern, which will be sewn together into blankets and sent to Uganda. We would love for people to get involved and share pictures of their best/worst knits, tutorials for different patterns and fun they had with this challenge. You can set up an online giving page (Facebook, Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving) and get people to sponsor your knitting efforts – Up for the challenge??

We have also put together a list of business where you can order you knitting kit to be delivered to your door.

You can go with big names, such as Amazon and eBay, or check out smaller business, like Hobbii, Elisabeth’s knitting and crochet inspiration, We are knitters, Etsy, Woolzone etc – Just google – ‘Knitting Kits’

If you would like more information or advice don’t hesitate to get in touch on [email protected]!