Archie’s story

Archie is 7 and is severe A. He had a port fitted at ten months and we were able to treat him until October when it stopped working. Up until then, haemophilia hasn’t really affected him. He’s always been very active which has helped and only had one bleed at the age of 3.

He loves football and plays for a local team as well as being part of Colchester United’s development squad. Switching to vein access proved to be very challenging. Archie found the change quite scary and we thought he had developed a needle phobia.

Over time we realised he found it hard to cope with anything going wrong with the vein access. We travelled to gosh for treatment 3 x a week from November to February to get a routine established and get our confidence up. The first visit took 5 hours to get him to have treatment. It’s a four hour round trip for us so he was missing a lot of school. He also had surgery to remove the port and his wound was quite open and took a while to heal which meant missing football and other sport.

He then got a bleed in his arm which was unfortunate. During February a nurse came out to us so that Archie could go to school and he was able to get back to all the sport he loves.

The nurses and doctors have been brilliant, and the psychology team have really helped too. We’ve managed to treat at home for the past two weeks – we had a wobble one day but just tried again in the evening. He’s come such a long way and his confidence has come back. He’s always been reluctant to tell his friends about his haemophilia but decided on December it was time. He created a PowerPoint which he presented brilliantly to his class. This was such a big step.

Archie’s a great role model for others as he’s never let haemophilia stop him. People are always amazed to find out about his haemophilia because he’s so sporty and active