Corporate Partners

Corporate partners

Who funds our projects?

The Haemophilia Society is very proud of the range of services which we are able to offer to our members at all stages of their lives. Below are The Society’s major projects for 2019/20 with details of their main funding sources.

Talking Red, funded by Takeda

Newly Diagnosed Family Weekends funded by Spark, Roche/Chugai, BioMarin

Youth Ambassadors and Youth Activities, funded by Sobi

Online events funded by Sobi, Takeda, Novo Nordisk, Spark, BioMarin

Advocacy work funded by CSL Behring, Sobi, Roche/Chugai

Member Conference funded by Roche/Chugai, BioMarin, Novo Nordisk, Sobi

Publications funded by Sobi, Roche/Chugai, Takeda, BioMarin, Spark