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Will you join #Team70 and help us raise awareness and vital funds for everyone affected by a genetic bleeding disorder? We have come up with some 70 themed challenges that you can do at home (or close by) there is something for everyone!

Raise £70 in 7 Days
Whether you raise a £1 for every chore you do during the week, pop your coffee money in a jar for three weeks or just donate a pound of your own money a day, we’d like to ask everyone to try and raise £70 for The Haemophilia Society in 7 days. You can donate here

7,000 steps for Team 70
Why not challenge yourself to complete 7,000 or even 70,000 steps in a week? Ask 7, 17 or  70 people to sponsor you/donate £7.00 or if they’re feeling generous £70!

Take on a 1.7, 7, 17 or 27 Hour Challenge
Be it holding a 1.7 hour singathon, trampoline bounceathon, hoolahooping or juggling challenge or spending 7 hours on an exercise bike, the possibilities are endless! It’s a challenge you can take on alone or in a team and relay the time; it’s totally up to you.

7 Days Sober
Can you give up alcohol for 7 days and get your friends to sponsor you to stay sober?

Give 3 Things Up for 7 Days
We are asking you to give up three of your favourite things for 7 days. This could be crisps, chocolate, fizzy drinks, your tablet or whatever else you feel would be hard to give up. You could ask for £1 a day for every day or why not £3 a day for each of the three things you’re refraining from?!

Use your imagination to create a fundraising masterpiece
Are you a Lego genius? make a Lego monster out of 70 Duplo pieces/ 70 Lego pieces – how many pieces can you use? What else can you make? Or design a picture using 17 colours – or draw a village with 70 houses. The sky’s the limit – tell us your ideas! 

Set up a Facebook fundraiser

You can set this up easily on Facebook to ask for donations for any of the 7.0 challenges, but you can also set one up for your own birthday or special occasion and ask friends to donate in lieu of a gift this year.

Link the 7.0 challenge with Buddies who brunch or Knitting for Uganda! Why not bake 70 cupcakes, invite 7 friends to a virtual brunch, try 7 new recipes or knit 7 items in 7 days?

We have created a range of resources to help you with your fundraising.
Digital resources
Fundraising materials

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