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Will you join #Team36 and help us raise awareness and vital funds for everyone affected by a genetic bleeding disorder? We have come up with some 36 themed challenges that you can do at home (or close by) there is something for everyone!

More than 36,000 men, women and children in the UK have a diagnosed bleeding disorder, and the number rises every year. To mark this number and raise both awareness of rare bleeding disorders and funds to help us ensure every person living with a bleeding disorder is supported, we have launched the 36 challenge.

Choose a new challenge, or take on something you love and complete 36 (or 360, 3600, and any variation of those numbers) of whatever you choose. You can take on a challenge as an individual or within a team of friends, family or colleagues, following social distancing and other current restrictions.

Whatever you do, join us for this virtual challenge and make a difference for people living with a bleeding disorder in the UK.

How it works:

Choose your challenge, nothing is too big, too small or too silly: walking, running, cycling, baking, singing or knitting – anything that is close to your heart!

Decide your 36 goal: it could be 36 minutes, hours or days, involve 36 miles or laps, or 36 repetitions.

Pick a timeframe that suits you: complete it all in one go, spread it over three months, or anything in between.

Choose your fundraising target: There is no minimum amount and every penny will help us with our work in the bleeding community. To make you more competitive and also show our appreciation for your support we will send a little something from our range of merchandise to anyone who raises £360 or more.

Challenge ideas and inspirations:

The possibilities are endless for your 3.6 challenge. Below are some ideas to get you started, whatever your age, interest or fitness level:

  • Walk 36 laps of your local park
  • Run 36 miles in a week
  • Cycle 36 miles in a day or weekend
  • Complete 36,000 steps in either a week or two weeks
  • Do 36 hours of yoga
  • Swim 36 laps of your local swimming pool
  • Climb your stairs 36 times in a day or 360 times in a week
  • Bake 36 cupcakes
  • Build a 36cm Lego tower
  • Build an assault course in your garden and complete 36 laps
  • Knit for 36 hours or do an hour of knitting every day for 36 days
  • Give up something for 36 days

Set up a Facebook fundraiser

You can set this up easily on Facebook to ask for donations for any of the 3.6 challenges, but you can also set one up for your own birthday or special occasion and ask friends to donate in lieu of a gift this year.

Link the 36 challenge with Buddies who brunch or Knitting for Uganda! Why not bake 36 cupcakes, invite 36 friends to a virtual brunch or knit 36 items?

We have created a range of resources to help you with your fundraising.
Digital resources
Fundraising materials

Taking on this challenge will not only keep you motivated and occupied in these cold months, but will also make a huge difference to our community and help us ensure that every person with a bleeding disorder has a voice and a choice.

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