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The Haemophilia Society manifesto

On 12 December the whole of the UK goes to the Polls again to elect a new Government. While much of the attention will be taken up by Brexit, we have 3 clear points that we want to see the main Parties adopt and who ever wins, turns them into policy.

We are urging people to support these 3 pledges, to sign up and support the UK Bleeding Disorder community. #OurCommunity may be small compared to some other conditions, but we have a strong message.

Please sign the pledge and send it to candidates standing in your area. Get them to support you and our cause.

Ask them to send it to their Party Leaders, we need their support to make change happen.

You can read the full manifesto here.

‘’On 12 December, we’ll be voting across the UK for the kind of society we want to live in, together as a Community. The decisions made in Westminster have a huge impact on the everyday lives of people with genetic bleeding disorders, where you live shouldn’t affect the quality of care you receive.

We need everyone who cares about #OurCommunity to talk to candidates in their constituencies, to talk to their friends and work colleagues about why we need to support #OurFamily. Collaboration is essential to ensure people with a generic bleeding disorder can live their lives to the full wherever they live, whatever their bleeding disorder and whatever their age.

We must keep genetic bleeding disorders firmly on the agenda and press for a Country where there is universal high quality treatment and services for all and our older community affected by the contaminated blood products scandal get the support they need, and nothing less. Both now and for future generations’’

Liz Carroll, Chief Executive The Haemophilia Society

Together we can make change happen
#OurFamily #OurCommunity #SupportTHS #SupportThePledge