GamesAid – Please can you help?

Written by Daniel Barnes, August 15, 2017

We are so excited!

We have been nominated for a donation to our work for this years GamesAid charity vote.

Games Aid is the charity of the video gaming community and each year has a members chose amazing charities to support, via an online vote.

Each year they chose between 5 – 10 charities.  Last year each charity received over £95,000

A donation like that would be nothing short of amazing for us and really help us provide even more support to you, our community.

The Haemophilia Society is the only UK wide charity that supports, empowers, provides information and runs events for children, young people, new parents and others who are affected by rare genetic bleeding disorders. We help reduce bullying, isolation and mental health problems encouraging healthy lives. Haemophilia, in particular, means your blood won’t clot, so you bleed longer after injury, bruise very easily and can spontaneously bleed inside joints or the brain which can result in severe pain, disability, and  even seizures.

Do you work in the video gaming industry or know somebody who does? This could be a graphic designer, animator, programmer, publisher, writer or student in any discipline relating to gaming.

If you do work in the industry or know someone who does, then  join Games Aid and vote for us from noon on the 16th August until 6th September. Please help us WIN THIS!

Okay, I’m sold, what do I have to do?

  1. Are you a GamesAid member? If yes, you’ll receive a voting card by email – click on this and register your vote for The Haemophilia Society.
  2. If you (or a person you know) are not yet a member, join GamesAid (free) here:
  3. When membership is confirmed, you’ll receive a voting card. It’s just one click to vote for us.


Please take 30 seconds to sign up or forward this to someone who works in the industry in any capacity. Every vote really does count, and we’re counting on you!