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19 January 2019 at 11:00 am Exhibition Road, SW7 2DD London

The last Tsar: blood and revolution – special exhibition

The last Tsar: blood and revolution – special exhibition at the London Science Musuem.

An exclusive opportunity to visit the exhibition and meet the curator, followed by a special event nearby including a light lunch and the opportunity to hear from three special guest speakers:

Dr Peter Gill who identified the remains of the Romanovs 70 years after they had died using DNA profiling techniques that are now being used in forensic investigations by the police. Read about his experiences here:

Dr Keith Gomez who works on the 1000 genome project. Members of our community with an inherited bleeding disorder are part of this project helping to understand the different genetics of our community. You can read more about this project here:

and Luke Pembroke, Youth Ambassador at The Haemophilia Society talking about being part of Team B (which the Tsar family were!)

Lottie Dodwell, curator of the exhibition will also join us and explain how and why this exhibition came together.

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