Introducing our new brand


After more than 50 years, the Haemophilia Society (THS) has made some changes to the way we look. You’ll see our design and logo are a bit different and we’ve brought in some fresh colours to create a contemporary and welcoming feel for members new and old.

Redeveloping how THS looks and communicates gives us an exciting opportunity to build the profile of our charity for many years to come. We know there are lots of men and women with bleeding disorders in the UK who need our support and we’re also acutely aware of the need to take advantage of every funding opportunity available. Ultimately, the changes you see will help us to increase our membership and put our charity on a more secure financial footing.


After much consultation, THS has developed a strategy to guide and reinvigorate our work over the next three years. This will strengthen how we support you and others, improve the way we work, help achieve growth, and ensure that THS continues to play a vital role in the bleeding disorders community.

One goal is to strengthen relationships with you, our members, and also our wider community. As part of this aim, we researched how THS presents itself across all kinds of communications, from our website and leaflets to our logo and fundraising merchandise.

What we learnt was there was more we could do to be a welcoming and effective organisation to members old and new. Our updated look is part of that ambition and, in a brand-driven world, it’s important our image reflects our goals.


We know THS is an organisation which inspires great loyalty. So, in deciding what changes to make to the way we look and sound, our first priority was to get the opinions of those who use it, such as members and partner organisations. In addition, we have also been very mindful of the views of the wider community, and the context of the Infected Blood Inquiry.

To make sure we got this right, we consulted with a specialist brand agency. After thorough testing with different audiences, we have now agreed on our redeveloped brand. It gives us an approachable, inclusive and contemporary platform which will feature across all our communications going forwards. 

Why is this work being undertaken now? 

This past 20 months has been very challenging for charities, most of which have seen their incomes drop as fundraising opportunities have become more restricted and challenging. 

To survive and thrive, THS now needs to meet these challenges head on. To get support, we must explain our vision, mission and value to as wide an audience as possible in a clear and persuasive way. How the charity presents itself is critical to this success and research told us that positive changes were necessary to achieve this crucial goal. We needed to act and therefore we have been working on revamping our brand for the last six months.