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The Haemophilia Society urges Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington to boost funding to the Infected Blood Inquiry or risk failing the scandal’s victims

The Haemophilia Society urges Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington to boost funding to the Infected Blood Inquiry or risk failing the scandal’s victims.

In a letter to Mr Lidington which we are publishing today, Clive Smith, Chair of Trustees of The Haemophilia Society, warns that the long-awaited Inquiry could be compromised if more funding is not found and says our charity is “losing faith” in the process.

You can read the letter in full here

Jess Milton


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  1. Carol Grayson 2 months ago 28th January 2019

    1) The Society is absolutely correct about inadequate funding an issue on which my own lawyers have written. They are doing key work with clients on limited funding and in some cases without being paid at all. This is unacceptable. Also I have important early video interviews where key campaign issues and news were first broken not seen for years that need transferring to new media and still no funding for this. I don’t have these skills, I know someone who does such work professionally but its his job and he needs paying if he is to take on this work. I need to view old evidence before submitting this to the Inquiry for my own testimony. This is very important for an accurate Timeline of events as our lawyers have stated.

    2) Our lawyers have still received no official written acknowledgement of our Terms of Reference unlike other participants.

    3) Our lawyers are either not getting key information from Inquiry or getting it late so disadvantaged compared to others. For example by the time we received information on Commemoration it was too late to submit anything so longest standing campaigners of 30 years were EXCLUDED from opening ceremony events as if we don’t now or in my late husband and brother in laws case didn’t exist.

    4) Long standing campaign groups that kept campaign going for 30 years are being EXCLUDED from meetings such as that with Jackie Price- Doyle while others have 2 representatives in attendance, this is a REPEATED pattern. We were EXCLUDED from meetings with government mediator to discuss changes to financial scheme in 2015? When I did an FOI for government list of campaign groups, the longest standing groups were EXCLUDED from the government’s list… to our knowledge this has not been rectified.

    5) Our lawyers have written to the Inquiry (and this was previously presented by Sam Stein our QC in September) that those infected and affected that are participating in Infected Blood Inquiry in ill health (physical and mental health) should not be reassessed by DWP for the duration of the Inquiry as this re -traumatizes victims. We are still waiting for a response, meanwhile asessments loom. This is particularly disturbing given that assessors have repeatedly had their wrongful decisions over -turned at appeal by an independent panel. However in the meantime victims are left with the stress of living on nil income for 6 months at a time. They have no money for food or bills, live too far away to access foodbanks as they have no money for transport and reliant on food vouchers from kind friends. They also risk losing their home when housing benefit stops also. This is unnacceptable. When victims win their appeal there is no apology or reimbursement of costs for running up phone bills getting support and to DWP lines! How are victims expected to concentrate to trawl though thousands of papers for the Inquiry as core partcipants with all this additional stress going on?

    These issues need addressing with answers quickly!


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