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Heamophilia Society to give Opening Statement to Infected Blood Inquiry Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Tomorrow (Wednesday 26 September) is the final day of the preliminary hearings of the Infected Blood Inquiry when the Inquiry will hear from The Haemophilia Society.

Raymond Bradley, Managing Partner of Malcomson Law who leads our legal team, will give our opening statement setting out our expectations for the inquiry, the questions we want answered and our concerns for justice for those, both infected and affected, still suffering because of this scandal.

You can watch Raymond live on the Inquiry’s web site at from just before 12-30 pm. There you can also catch up with the other opening statements from core participants  today as well as view Monday’s Commemoration Event and hear the opening speeches  from Chair of the Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff, and the Inquiry’s QC Jennie Richards.

Jess Milton