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Public Inquiry into infected blood opens

After so many years of campaigning across our community, today sees the opening of the Public Inquiry into infected blood.

At this time we think of those who are not here with us today to witness this, we think of those who are living with the complex challenges these infections bring every day, we think of their families and we think about the lives they could have led if they had not been infected or had to watch as loved ones cope with their infections. And we hope that today, finally, we will begin to learn the truth surrounding this scandal and that it delivers justice for everyone affected and closure for victims and their families.

Throughout this week our team will be at the inquiry along with our legal team, led by Raymond Bradley of Malcomson Law. Raymond has more than 20 years’ experience in public inquiries, compensation schemes and civil litigation in the health law area. He has represented the Irish Haemophilia Society since 1995 in their various quests for justice.

Internationally he has advised Japanese lawyers on blood and blood product contamination, worked with the New Zealand Haemophilia Society in achieving its access to compensation and, following the Krever Inquiry in Canada, worked in relation to the criminal prosecution by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Also, he has worked with legal teams that have secured millions in compensation to individual victims of contaminated blood and blood products.

Please do get in touch if we can be of any help during the next few days, and if you are affected have not yet thought about your involvement then do get in touch with our team who will be able to help at

Jess Milton