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Joining with The Society and Malcomson Law

Malcomson Law has unrivalled experience in the bleeding disorders litigation area having represented people with bleeding disorders at other public inquiries, compensation tribunal scheme applications and representing the interests of people with bleeding disorders at government level in several countries.  The Haemophilia Society has, therefore, appointed Malcomson Law to be its legal advisors for the Statutory Public Inquiry into Infected Blood.

What does this mean?

The Society will have access to unrivalled and unparalleled experience in that its legal representatives have already conducted two public inquiries into the contamination of blood and blood products successfully.  The legal team has also represented hundreds of people who were both infected and affected in their individual claims for compensation in Ireland.  Leading the team from Malcomson Law will be Raymond Bradley, their managing partner, who has more than 20 years’ experience in public inquiries, compensation schemes and civil litigation in the health law area.  He has represented the Irish Haemophilia Society since 1995 in their various quests for justice.  Internationally he has advised Japanese lawyers on blood and blood product contamination, worked with the New Zealand Haemophilia Society in achieving its access to compensation and, following the Krever Inquiry in Canada, worked in relation to the criminal prosecution by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Also, he has worked with legal teams that have secured millions in compensation to individual victims of contaminated blood and blood products.

The Society wants to assist its members in providing written statements or delivering personal testimony during the course of this inquiry.  This is a matter for each individual person infected or affected to decide whether he or she wishes to give evidence.  The Society will provide the all assistance necessary, both through The Society’s own resources and its legal advisors, for anyone who wants to give personal testimony.

The Society and its legal representatives Malcomson Law will also help and advise in gathering documentation, including medical records, which may be useful for the Inquiry’s investigation.

It is The Society’s intention to arrange dedicated meetings where you will be briefed on the progress of The Inquiry where also you will have an opportunity to contribute to the issues you believe are relevant to be investigated during the course of the Inquiry process itself.

The Society is committed towards regular communications to keep you fully up to date with The Inquiry and its work in progress.

What if I want to give evidence, but on my own?

The Inquiry itself is encouraging as many people as possible to come forward.  You can contact them directly via their website where there is extensive information, help and support.

Is it essential that The Society represents my interests at the Inquiry?

It is preferable that The Society should represent your interests as it represents the interests of all people with bleeding disorders affected or infected with blood and blood products.  However, there is no obligation upon you to utilise The Society or its legal team and you can chose to have your own independent legal representation.

We would ask that you consider that it is believed The Society will obtain core participant status as it is mentioned in the Terms of Reference of the Inquiry itself.  Consequently The Society will be making an application under section 40(1)(b) of the Inquiries Act 2005 for the cost of legal representation expenses which would cover The Society and those who wish to join with The Society through its representation.  This means The Society will be engaging a legal team rather than you taking on that obligation or responsibility.  You will, therefore, have the benefit of the support of both The Society and its legal representatives.

Please also share this information with friends or family if it is of interest.

What do I need to do the ensure The Society and its legal team will represent me?

You can complete the Word version of the ‘Expression of Interest’ form and return it to The Society, we will then be in touch with you. It is easiest to download this, fill it in on a computer and email it to

You will need to be a member of The Society, which is free to join, but you will be able to opt out of any communications that are not related to the Inquiry or any topic should you so wish.

If you are having problems accessing the form you can download a pdf version here which you can print and return to us by post to The Haemophilia Society, Willcox House, 140-148 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1LB

If you have any questions, or want any further information please contact us at or by phone on 0207 939 0780


INFECTED BLOOD INQUIRY – Giving of evidence and/or testimony

Please note

If you want to give testimony or supply evidence to the Public Inquiry you should complete the form on the Inquiry’s web site.   If you are joining with The Haemophilia Society and their legal team in this please insert ‘The Haemophilia Society’ in answer to Question 3 on the Inquiry form.

Debra Morgan


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