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Society to Appoint Malcomson Law for Public Inquiry

The Haemophilia Society has today announced its intention to appoint Malcomson Law, a leading specialist health law firm, as their legal advisors for the forthcoming Statutory Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal.

Leading the team from Malcomson Law will be Raymond Bradley, their Managing Partner, who has more than 20 years-experience in representing victims of health scandals at public inquiries and appeared at the Lindsay Tribunal (The Irish Inquiry into Contaminated Blood products) on behalf of the Irish Haemophilia Society. In a significant legal decision in 1999, his work was central to the Irish Government’s decision to reverse 150-year old legislation regarding compensation for haemophiliacs infected with HIV and Hepatitis C from contaminated blood products.

Chief Executive of The Haemophilia Society, Liz Carroll, said: “We are delighted to be working with Raymond and the Malcomson Law team.

“As well as his work in Ireland, Raymond has advised in similar inquiries into contaminated blood products in other countries. His experience in public inquiries into contaminated blood products is unrivalled and he has a proven record of uncovering the truth which is what we all so desperately want to know. I would also like to thank Malcomson Law for their advice to us to date which has been invaluable.”

As an Irish based law firm, Malcomson Law are setting up a branch in London in close proximity to the proposed Inquiry location.

Raymond Bradley

Debra Morgan



  1. Carol Grayson 7 months ago 4th July 2018

    UK is a lot more complicated picture than Eire and circumstances here are different in many ways. Its a very different ball game. Funny how campaigners Colette Wintle and I requested some time back that Malcolmson Law be brought on board for haemophiliacs yet they seem to have now been hijacked to represent the Haemophilia Society that has failed haemophiliacs in so many ways and still doing so, failing to represent on key issues so our rights continue to be being violated!

  2. colette 7 months ago 4th July 2018

    I am astounded and confused by this. I personally asked Mr Bradley nearly 3 years ago to represent us and was told he was not able to do so or had any interest in doing so. Following on from that Carol and I asked the society to approach again 2 years ago to ask for assistance for UK haemophiliacs and until very recently meetings attended by Mr Bradley were purely in an advisory role. What changed and why is it the Society who now has his services. Damage Limitation for past mistakes?


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