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Public Inquiry Update

Eleven months after the Government announcement of the Statutory Public Inquiry into the Contaminated Blood Scandal, The Haemophilia Society has, today, reaffirmed its demand that, at the minimum, the Terms of Reference and a timetable for the inquiry must be published before the first anniversary of the announcement on July 11 2017.

We share the frustrations of our members at the length of time since the announcement and the apparent lack of progress, but understand that, unlike some inquiries, this is a complex issue with many different factors. Work is progressing on issues such as the inquiry’s Terms of Reference and the protocols that will be needed.  As this is a UK wide issues, these also have to be agreed by the devolved nations as well as the Cabinet Office. We believe that getting these important issues right to begin with will aid the smooth running of the inquiry which will, in term, ensure the best outcome.

However, as we approach a year since the announcement of the Inquiry, we are clear that those who have been affected by this scandal must see clear and demonstrable progress. We intend to address this when we meet with the Inquiry Team later this month, as well as discussing other issues such as evidence gathering, protocols and future communication and engagement with the affected community.

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Jess Milton