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Meeting with the chair of the Contaminated Blood Inquiry

This week we met with Sir Brian Langstaff and some of his newly appointed Inquiry team to discuss the Terms of Reference for the forthcoming Statutory Public Inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal.

Sir Brian and his team were very welcoming and he made it very clear he was there to listen to the views of the people in the room.

In particular he wanted to hear from those who had been affected themselves. We shared the meeting with Haemophilia Wales. In addition to listening to examples of how people have been affected we were able to discuss several issues which you our members have highlighted as important.

These included:

  • The need to share your experience and the personal impact of the tragedy.
  • The requirement of anonymity for many and consideration of how this may best be achieved, whilst allowing people to give evidence.
  • The impact the inquiry may have on people and the need to ensure people are supported throughout the process.
  • The problems people have experienced gaining access to medical records and the fact that many have missing years.
  • The need for people to be kept informed directly upon progress of the inquiry and for communication to be clear at each stage.


We shared our initial list of issues on our draft terms of reference document which we have edited with input we have received from our members. This was well received. We will still work on this with your input and submit our final consultation document at the end April. We are happy to receive any of your thoughts and views on this at

The inquiry team are also very open to hear your views and opinions and you can contact them directly at The closing date for their consultation is 26th April 2018.

Jefferson Courtney


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  1. Carol Grayson 8 months ago 29th April 2018

    The experience of Colette Wintle and I was very different to the above but there again we have known what went wrong for years and have many government documents to prove it so in a different position to many.

    Due to an incident with the Inquiry team, we have no faith in their integrity!

    So far none of the Terms of Reference we have seen will come anywhere near to investigating the many abuses experienced by the Haemophilia community.


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