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Email to Haemophilia Centres regarding the inquiry

Earlier this week The Haemophilia Society wrote to haemophilia centres to make them aware of our planned member engagement and to let them know the contact details for our public inquiry team in case any of their patients had questions for us.

This email did not include any details not previously sent to members and shared publicly on our website and social media. It was sent solely to share information.

The email in full is below:

We would like to update you on the forthcoming Statutory Public Inquiry on contaminated blood and blood products, progress to date and our activities at The Haemophilia Society.
You may be aware a Chair was appointed to lead the Statutory Inquiry on Friday; Sir Brian Langstaff. Sir Brian will be the full time Chair of the Inquiry from 1 May following his retirement from the High Court. It was stated that to cause no further undue delay, he will use the intervening period to conduct a further consultation on the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference.
We have been reaching out to our members and the contaminated blood community to gather people’s views and opinions as we believe we have a responsibility to represent the views of the community at the forthcoming Inquiry.  To that end we are hosting a series of roadshows around the country for the affected community (dates attached) to where we will be providing information on the inquiry process and listen to their views and gather inputs to the Terms of Reference to feed into the consultation. We will also ask what support they want from us during the inquiry. 
We understand and accept fully that as part of the inquiry the society’s past actions with be scrutinised. Many of the trustees of the organisation at the time lost their lives and most of our current trustees are themselves infected, or had family directly affected by this tragedy and it is in the best interests of everyone that the truth is uncovered. We have apologised publicly for any actions which contributed to the contaminated blood scandal in the past and have posted a written statement to that effect in March 2017 which is available on our website.
We are preparing for the inquiry by pulling together a small team, making ready out documentation for submission and reaching out to our members for evidence.
We understand that there are some people who believe we have a “conflict of interest” and therefore we should not represent people during the inquiry, centres may be approached to display posters to that effect. We do not accept we have a conflict of interest as we simply want the truth to be found for all affected. We respect people have differing opinions and would ask that any queries are directed to us as
Roadshow dates:
  • Birmingham – Wednesday 14th February
  • Manchester – Monday 19th February
  • Newcastle – Wednesday 21st February
  • Bristol – Wednesday 28th February
  • Belfast – Friday 2nd March
  • London – Tuesday 6th March
Please feel free to call me to discuss any issues.

Jefferson Courtney