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Understanding your views on the public inquiry

Calling out to members.

As part of our preparations for the upcoming public inquiry into the contaminated blood scandal we need your help to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the views and opinions of everyone within the community.

We are holding a series of roadshows around the UK where we will be providing information on the inquiry process and more importantly, listen to your views and gather your inputs to the Terms of Reference.  There will also be the opportunity to discuss the type of support you may need from the Haemophilia Society UK during the inquiry and your views on how you would like to be kept up to date with the inquiry as it progresses. We will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. These are open in the first instance to members and there is limited space so please do let us know if you would like to attend at

The roadshows will be held in the early evening in a central location. We will ensure confidentially and will simply be signposted as THS Meeting.

  • Birmingham – Wednesday 14th February
  • Manchester – Monday 19th February
  • Newcastle – Wednesday 21st February
  • Bristol – Wednesday 28th February
  • London – Tuesday 6th March

If we have a high level of interest in these events we will look to hold more events across the UK.

We do hope that many of you will be able to join us on the roadshows but do appreciate this may not be practical for all.  Therefore, we will be setting a series of telephone based meetings in which you will be able to gain information on the inquiry process and share your views. We will be sending out details shortly. Please let us know if this would be of interest to you by emailing:

As the start of inquiry approaches it will be important that evidence is gathered to ensure a full investigation. If you have documents stored at home it may be worth starting to have a look for these, and you can send information to

Jefferson Courtney



  1. Louisa Paintin 1 year ago 19th January 2018

    Guys, this has been debated ad nauseam.

    I fail to see the point of wasting extra funds on staff time, travel and venue rentals for yet, in my opinion, another pointless exercise.

    Most are aware that the new staff at the Society are friendly, and productive, however the glaring conflicts of interest still remain.

    In a legal and moral sense you can not hope to represent the affected community whilst still in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies that profited from this tragedy.


    • John and Dorothy 1 year ago 13th February 2018

      In view of the previous, disappointing outcomes of inquiries we tend to agree with Louisa and sincerely hope that the 500-plus respective litigants will not be dissuaded from pursuing their own legal action, relating to medical negligence, as soon as is humanly possible. Those who cannot trace key medical evidence are, unfortunately, precluded both from providing details to the upcoming Statutory Inquiry and/or pursuing legitimate negligence claims on our own behalf. We will, however, continue to provide any evidence of a more general nature which would be of use to the Haemophilia Society of which we have been members for over 40 years.

      Good luck to you all!

  2. Carol Grayson 12 months ago 22nd February 2018

    It is worth commenting that those litigants relying on documents from the National Archives are in fact using many of the documents I had returned in 2006 from my late husband’s personal litigation files once my dissertation research on Contaminated Blood was complete. This was done officially in writing in good faith through a solicitor after government destroyed most of their own documents and was recorded in questions in Hansard and reported in the media in 2006. I arranged for documents to be returned on the agreement that they were all properly referenced at the National Archives, Kew. Government have now admitted they failed to do this so went back on the agreement. The National Archives, Kew have been contacted and given time to sort out referencing prior to the Public Inquiry or I will have no choice but to legally ensure these documents are withdrawn from use. Unfortunately in recent times some individuals have tried to claim discovery of documents in 2017 that were in my dissertation in 2010. This defames my reputation as an award winning researcher giving me no choice but to take action to ensure that key evidence that was ignored by ministers in face to face meetings at Westminster is recorded as that… not as so called “new” evidence which is INCORRECT!


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