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Update on the Contaminated Blood Inquiry

The Prime Minister has updated Parliament on the steps towards the creation of the statutory public inquiry into contaminated blood and blood products.

We welcome the progress that has been made and the commitment to consult widely and in detail on the terms of reference.

Today’s announcement confirms that the inquiry will be led by a judge with more information to come on the make-up and nature of a panel.

Many in the affected community had hoped to see a chair appointed before Christmas to begin the work of the inquiry and we are disappointed this has not happened. However, we appreciate the importance of finding the right individual to lead this long-awaited inquiry.

We expect that significant progress towards appointing a chair has been made and hope that there will be an announcement early in the New Year.

Liz Carroll, Chief Executive of The Haemophilia Society said: “This scandal devastated a generation of people with haemophilia and today’s announcement moves us closer to finding truth and justice for those families. We hope to see further progress and the appointment of a chair to lead the inquiry early in the New Year.”

Next Steps

The next key step will be to consult widely to help establish the terms of reference and enable the Inquiry to provide a full report in a timely manner. The completion of the terms of reference requires full involvement for the affected community to ensure they are all-encompassing and provide confidence that the process will deliver justice.

The Haemophilia Society intends to continue to take a constructive approach to working with the cabinet office ensuring that effective and comprehensive terms of reference are agreed and welcomes all opportunities to take an active role in this process, representing the members of our organisation. We look forward to participating in the inquiry and working with the chair, when they are appointed, to ensure the inquiry is all encompassing, effective and proactive in terms of its investigation.

All representative groups who have campaigned for the establishment of this Inquiry should be afforded a voice to have their issues considered as part of the investigation process. It is important that all are invited to participate and they have the opportunity to deliver evidence and share their story during the Inquiry.

Read about the history of contaminated blood products and their impact on people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

Jefferson Courtney



  1. Kay Coote (formerly Robinson) 10 months ago 21st December 2017

    I hope Sincerely that this time there will be truth, clarity and positive help for everyone who was involved.
    My husband died suffering from the complications of not only HCV but a bungled liver transplant. We had 15 years of trauma. For our children this was daily unhappiness.

  2. Dorothy and John Wentworth 10 months ago 21st December 2017

    1. In response to Liz Carroll, is this forthcoming inquiry going to be adverserial with the power to summon witnesses from within the NHS as was undertaken within Eire by the Lindsay Report? Or is the NHS going to be granted Crown immunity from possible prosecution?

    2.For those of us all too familiar with the Lindsay Inquiry, members might be interested to look at a letter submitted to that inquiry by the Oxford Haemophilia Group in 1986 by Doctors Rizzoli and Bloom to the effect that it was “suggested” that treating haematologists in the UK “might wish” to consider using up existing contaminated blood stocks or otherwise disposing of them.

    3. Members might be interested that the estranged husband of former MP Tessa Jowell, David Mills, an accountant, purchased knowingly contaminated blood stocks in order to receive huge sums of money to distribute these stocks globally.

    We wish all surviving members as happy a Christmas as you can hope for although we know that you have already paid a heavy price.

    • Barry Trueman 9 months ago 19th January 2018

      If It is proven David Mills knowingly bought contaminated blood he should be arrested together with any other politians etc who also knew this was happening and trialed for at least manslaughter and when committed the whole scenario made very public and an extreme sentane imposed

  3. Elizabeth Hussey 10 months ago 6th January 2018

    My daughter had a blood transfusion two weeks after she was born that was in 70s she was ok until she had blood transfusion she developed hepatitis c 5weeks after blood transfusion then she had kidney problems she died at 7 months old I know now she was infected with contaminated blood ,I have thought about this for a long time then all the news about contaminated blood was out and I new for certain that was why she would I be able to get her medical records would they still be around it seems as though a lot have gone missing,I feel for all who have gone through this medical cock up some one should be answerable to all those who are suffering.

    • Dorothy and John 9 months ago 10th January 2018

      Elizabeth, we have so much sympathy for your loss. Have you asked to look at the hospital records relating to your daughter? They should still be available although you may have to pay a small fee to look at them and take copies.

      We found that although most of my husband’s records were intact there were some missing key records which we have not been able to track down, particularly regarding HCV and HIV. However,this may give you a starting point to look further into what transpired. You may also want to think about looking at records held by your GP at the time.

      Your tragic loss must have been so devastating for you and there have been so many more since that time.

      John is just grateful, somehow, to be alive, although since 1981 he declined to have any further blood transfusions, treating himself by immersing affected limbs in a bath of cold water, which is not pleasant on a freezing January night. He currently does not have a treating Haematologist which has resulted in chronic arthritis.

      It would be interesting to learn how many Haematologists resigned with almost immediate effect when the scale of the devastation became known. John’s certainly did!

      Very best wishes,
      Dorothy and John

      • Geraldine 9 months ago 21st January 2018

        To Elizabeth, Dorothy and John. Briefly, In Nov 1977 I checked into my local hospital enjoying excellent health to give birth to our beautiful child. I needed and received an Anti-D injection and soon was discharged not knowing my good health had been compromised, I left my hospital in poor health! 20 years of trauma followed before I and 1600 others were allowed to know we had been infected with a contaminated ‘Anti-D’ product. Many more children were born during these 20 ‘silent’ yrs. Do you join with a UK group representing similar victims? Information was witheld from us and from medical professionals for 20 years before being forced to publicise. Your advice would be invaluable.


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