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Support the Campaign to get the Government to #getagriponPIP

Please support our e-action to raise awareness of the significant problems with Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which is replacing DLA for adults.

Many people with bleeding disorders rely on assistance to cover the additional costs of living with their condition. This has traditionally been provided through the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) but they are being moved to the newer PIP.

As a result of changes to entitlement and new assessments we are aware that some of our members are now struggling to get the support they need and most are facing confusing and inconsistent assessment for the new benefit. We have provided new guidance to our members on applying for PIP yet many still struggle with complex forms and some are ultimately losing out on vital support.

These experiences are backed up by a new report from the Disability Benefits Consortium (DBC) which shows that changes to the benefit are leaving people isolated and making their health worse due to stress and anxiety.

The report also shows that the number of decisions being overturned at appeal is increasing. The DBC say this suggests the assessment process is failing to make accurate decisions first time around, leading to further stress for the applicant. In addition, it is estimated people face a 17-week wait for their appeal without access to the financial support they desperately need.

If you have been affected by the changes to PIP or know someone who was please support our e-action to raise awareness of the significant problems by emailing your MP. You can also tweet about your experiences using the hashtag #getagriponPIP.

Jefferson Courtney


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  1. Christine Fowle 1 year ago 28th September 2017

    My son was infected when he was 10 years old and passed at 22 years. As i understand it if factor 8 had been heat treated this disaster could have been avoided and this fact was known.

    A compensation was paid in my sons name through the skip ton fund.

    Somebody or organisation must take responsibility for the death of so many hundreds of people.


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