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Advice to members regarding DH consultation on Contaminated Blood Inquiry

The Government launched a short consultation last week on the nature and remit of the Contaminated Blood inquiry. Members registered with one of the Contaminated Blood support schemes will have received a letter from the Department of Health (DH) in the last couple days.

The Haemophilia Society and campaigners reject any involvement by the DH in setting the remit and powers of an inquiry. We advise members to not respond to the letter and are waiting on the Government to make alternative arrangements to hear the views of those affected and ensure the independence of the inquiry.

To fully hold the DH to account the view of the Society remains that the inquiry needs to be a judge-led statutory inquiry that has the power to compel witnesses and demand evidence be provided. The affected community must be fully involved in agreeing remit, the chair and members of the inquiry team.

Once progress is made, we hope that we will get more information on the inquiry in the early Autumn with details on how to be involved and what to do with any evidence you may wish to submit. Anyone affected by the Scandal will have the right to legal representation and support during the inquiry.