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Statement by the Board of Trustees of the Haemophilia Society on Contaminated Blood

The Haemophilia Society has today issued a clear statement on what we believe on the Contaminated Blood issue. This is our stance, agreed by our Board of Trustees, and is the basis for our campaigning. This statement builds on the work of the Society since the 1980s but is a firm commitment from today’s Society and Trustees.

The statement challenges the Government’s narrative on the scandal, sets out the basis for our opposition to the current support regime, calls for a full public inquiry and reaffirms our commitment to represent our members and their need for special treatment. The Board of Trustees have carefully considered this statement and all its contents.

We also comment on the actions and statements of The Haemophilia Society at the time and issue an unreserved apology.

We know there will be people who disagree with what we have said but we encourage all members, other campaigners, politicians, the government, the media and the wider public to carefully read this statement and know where we stand.

Jefferson Courtney



  1. Liz Green 2 years ago 28th March 2017

    This statement has taken far too long to be issued, and quite frankly I have been disgusted with the Haemophilia society for many years. Whilst I appreciate that you were acting on “expert” advice, it was extremely naive to believe the government when they were busy shredding notes and distancing themselves from any blame. Even when Ireland secured considerable compensation for those affected, whilst not apportioning blame, still you stayed behind the parapet not saying a word in support of the many people who looked to you for help and guidance. Perhaps if you had spoken out more vociferously decades ago we may not be in this mess now. However, better late than never and you have at least admitted that your previous inaction was somewhat reprehensible.

    • ian hayes 2 years ago 31st March 2017

      This is a very clear, fair statement of the current situation. The government is setting victim against victim and offering the possibility of money after a process of assessment rather than the certain increases they promised. If anyone believes they are going to qualify for large increases under the SCM they are deluded.

      Thank you to the HS for their apology, I know it will mean a lot to some people. In all honesty however the Society as a lay group had little choice but to act on the best advice available that of the UKHCDO. I can not recall the UKHCDO making any form of apology.

      It is good to know that the Society continues to work on behalf of those who are worst affected by this disaster and these proposals.

  2. David Ramsey 2 years ago 30th March 2017

    The Society’s demands that primary beneficiaries have parity with Scotland is ill-conceived.
    This proposal will leave Stage 1 Claimants eligable for the Governments proposed SCM considerably worse off.
    Those eligible stand to receive £60000 in annual payments over the next four years, whereas parity with Scotland will give us a one-off lump sum payment of £30000.
    Who in their right mind would ever consider this to be a better outcome?
    Do the Trustees of the Society have the first idea what they’re doing? They have handed the government licence to pay victims half of what they were intended to.
    The DOH willbe laughing in the aisles…all the way to the bank.
    Utterly useless Haemophilia Society. Thank you!

  3. Steven Goss 2 years ago 30th March 2017

    The huge amount of money spent on various inquiries, plus the wages and fees involved during years of debating about who did what and arguing / negotiating for support and compensation, plus the ongoing cost of the ex-gratia support that’s in place, plus the cost of treating HIV and Hep C sufferers is probably considerably more than any savings originally made by importing cheap infected blood products.
    I’m surprised the government didn’t simply offer a generous ex-gratia package during the late 1990s to everyone infected, similar to that in Ireland, so we could all move on and live with a degree of dignity. Instead they are still debating things and even back-tracking on promises made only nine months ago.

  4. Steven Goss 2 years ago 30th March 2017

    I agree with David Ramsey, above. Parity with Scotland would be a terrible deal. It’s a completely stupid idea to put forward.

  5. Ian Jones. 2 years ago 31st March 2017

    Totally agree with you Liz Green. The H.S. has stayed quiet on this subject for to many years. Do we, the infected, embarrass them? They should be ashamed of themselves. Far to many victims have died while they gave us little support.

  6. Glenn Wilkinson 2 years ago 1st April 2017

    There is a reference to the MFT within this statement which includes the following wording “the Macfarlane trust cannot be wound up” I would be interested to know on what grounds this specific wording was included.

    Also is there any reason why the Eileen Trust the Caxton Foundation the Skipton Fund and the MFET were excluded from the Society’s statement.

  7. Carol Grayson 1 year ago 22nd February 2018

    Yes Macfarlane is the only Trust which came as part of a LEGAL agreement on both sides under Justice Ognal signed in a solicitors office and was for haemophiliacs and their families for life. It has now been wound up allegedly illegally, solicitors for haemophiliacs were not consulted of changes. Skipton for example is not covered under such a legal agreement and came about after my late husband challenged the hepatitis waiver in the 1991 HIV litigation This was the point at which govt decided to pay out for hepatitis C to avoid going to court. The Haemophilia Society did not want cases in court either as they had significantly played down the dangers of hepatitis C. So they worked on a payment through Skipton. So all those who receive a Skipton payment should remember how it came into being! This will all come out at the Inquiry…


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