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Personal Independence Payment 

Known as PIP for short, the Personal Independence Payment is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA), which is being phased out.

If you currently receive DLA you will need to complete another assessment for PIP, even if your DLA was awarded indefinitely. The only groups not affected are children under 16 (who will still apply for DLA) and first time claimants over 65 (who will still claim Attendance Allowance).

You don’t need to do anything until you get a letter from the DWP ‘inviting’ you to apply for reassessment. Depending where you live this might not be for another year or two. But when it does come, you must apply on time or you will lose your benefit entitlement.

If you want to discuss the process of applying for PIP or appealing a decision please call the Society.

If you are applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) it can be useful to understand how the assessors score your answers. There is a detailed table of the criteria here.

To get an award of the daily living component, you need to score:

  •  8 points for the standard rate
  • 12 points for the enhanced rate

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Mobility Component Points Scores

To get an award of the mobility component you need to score:

  • 8 points for the standard rate
  • 12 points for the enhanced rate